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Surfboard Fins
Catching a Wave

Welcome, Students - Surf Is In Session!

Ready to rip?

Have you ever been sitting at the beach, getting cooked on the hot sand and suddenly felt envious of the surfers you've been watching glide cooly across the ocean surface?

Maybe, in the past you've rented a board and attempted to join in the fun, only to find that virtually every aspect of being on a surfboard is not quite as easy as experienced surfers make it look -- Or perhaps you've never been in the ocean, much less spent any time on a surfboard, and the mysterious power of breaking waves has suddenly piqued your curiosity.

My name is Quinlan Rau, and no matter your age, nor your background--I'm here to help you take the steps towards gaining your ocean independence. I've been surfing all around the South Bay since I was 10 and have been teaching surfing lessons in the area since 2016 with great success. I pride myself on my ability to work patiently and constructively with all different kinds of students regardless of their starting point. 

My ultimate aim is to make surfing more accessible and safer for everyone by giving students the skills and the knowledge necessary to assess ocean conditions, navigate the paddle-out, and catch their own waves.





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