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Parking / Meeting Spot Guide

Depending on the day your lesson is scheduled, parking at the beach might not be easy to find--so make sure to give yourself plenty of time, especially if you're booked on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday!! There is a large parking lot at El Porto that will usually have some spaces open even when there is a line. To enter the lot, you must turn onto 45th Street off of Highland Avenue; head down towards the beach and the road will bend into the parking lot. (See images below for visual representation)

Once you have parked, make sure you pay your parking and attend to your valuables. Closer to the south end of the parking (further from the entrance) you will see a restaurant with flags and tables set up out front, and a block or two to the north of that there is a smaller white building just behind the 43rd street lifeguard tower. On the south side of the building there are a couple benches set up, and that's where we'll meet when you're ready to go! 

parking map.png
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